Fallen on Faith was formed in 2011 with the goal of pushing modern British metal to new levels. A fusion of intricate metal riffs with catchy melodic rock vocals. Fallen on Faith aim to create a unique sound within the genre of Alt-Rock. 

The bands debut EP ‘New Beginning’ showcases Fallen on Faith’s talent for blending heavy music with classic rock style vocals. With melodic hooks from both the vocals and guitar lines prominent throughout. 

Several line-up changes early on in the band's career have lead to the band finding the best musicians to work with. 

With support from many local fans and musicians Fallen on Faith are set to rock the UK with various shows over 2011.

New Album Rapture Out Now!
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Fallen on Faith are seeking a vocalist. Please email for details.


Latest Single Released - Learn to walk Away Official Video:



MuzzaTron Distortion Released - Signature Pedal built by Joe at HelloSailor Boutique Effects for Muzza of Fallen on Faith.


Fallen on Faith officially endorses The GT40HM Amp by KLD Guitars 

Ryan Cowan Joins Fallen on Faith as new guitarist!

Steve Murray / Fallen On Faith officially endorsed by MOEN Effects MOEN


Saturday, February 12th 2011 

The band only formed in 2011 but from the sounds of it..you would think they have been together a lot longer! Always a great sign..shows this band are serious and determined!.. 

From what I have heard of this 4 track EP it has a professional sound, that is unmissable and unforgettable! It doesn't disappoint on the stand out catchy riffs and melodies! This is great melodic metal armed with impressive riffs and classic rock vocals that everyone will love!.. 

"Behind Your Lies" has great vocals and tone! Solid and memorable riffs from guitarist, Steve Murray! Potentially the best track!..You can't lie..this is one damn catchy track!! 

"Pain Inside" goes straight into a fast attention grabbing riff and is the heaviest track on EP, with some fierce vocals that work really well with the melodic clean vocals. Its a nicely constructed song and has all you could hope for in a great rock track! 

"Running Away" again displays some awesome riffs throughout and dual vocals which is effective and gives the track some more depth! Its hard to pick a favourite song on this as I like them all..although I think I particularly like "Pain Inside" due to the heavier sound!..But you really can't go wrong! 

There is absolutely nothing to not like about this band!!..Which is why they are on Basement Sound Records 2011 watch list!..So I suggest you bloody well watch out for them! "New Beginning" will be released this month. Details coming soon. 

http://www.fallenonfaith.co.uk/ CariJane BSRecords